Monday, September 9, 2013

Sobering Up with Morsels of Bulalo (Sports)

It took a while to get over, but here I am back writing. Gotta give it to La Salle for steamrolling the opposition this 2nd round. Anyway, I'm not gonna focus on one team on this post since I gotta catch up really. Here are some morsels to chew on this start of the Philippine Christmas Season:


Football Season has Started

I'm not just talking about NFL, but also the European Football season. Crazy transfers (Gareth Bale bought by Real Madrid for €100 Million from Tottenham; Arsenal surprising everyone in getting Mesut Ozil, from Real Madrid) made it an exciting deadline day too.

In addition, the UEFA Champions League has also completed its Group Stage draw with Manchester United drawn in Group A with Shakhtar Donetsk (a dangerous, unpredictable side), Bayer Leverkusen (they've pipped United a couple of times in the tournament), and Real Sociedad (can be considered the easiest in the group, but in this tournament, one never knows).

Moving on to the NFL, I did worse in my 2nd Fantasy Football draft (Yahoo gave me a B) but three factors made it extra challenging for me:

1) It was a keeper league. Not all studs were available.
2) I was doing it in the MRT since I just came from...
3) Ateneo losing to La Salle.

Then again, my "hugot" start of the week, Julius Thomas (DEN) at TE had a fantastic stat line of five (5) receptions, 110 yards receiving, and 2 TD catches. Thanks Peyton! Hope this type of performance goes all the way to January!

Rough Start for Moyes

United fans are divided over Moyes. Heck, even if it was Jose Mourinho who succeeded Sir Alex, we'd still be divided, but we still gotta support the gaffer whether we like him or not. It's been mixed for me personally. Transfer deadline was a mess, with United paying more for Fellaini than they would have if they didn't drool too much over Cesc Fabregas. Thiago was a more realistic option but who could beat out a former manager's (Pep Guardiola) overtures?

United was off to a flying start with a 4-1 win at Swansea, but was held to a goalless draw by Chelsea, and lost 1-0 to the Scousers (Liverpool for those not familiar with the jargon). Here's to hoping he's over this baptism of fire.

Ateneo's Final Four Chances

Even with that heartbreaking loss to La Salle, it's a good thing the Blue Eagles bounced back with a much-needed win over UE. Now it's on to NU, which also lost to La Salle, and UST. If UST manages to beat La Salle, then the postponed game scheduled on Sept 18 gets more crucial than ever. Even for La Salle, NU, and FEU, they need to win their remaining games so as not to get sucked back into the complicated quotient system.

I say, if last year was redemption for 2006, this year is redemption for 2007. Book it!

Ferrari F1 for 2014

Rumors have been rampant that Kimi "The Iceman" Raikkonen will be coming back to Ferrari to team up with Fernando Alonso. Boy what a potential bust-up in the making! I think those two are too proud to step back for the other. Sorry Felipe (Massa), but ever since that unfortunate accident, you haven't been the same. Maybe you still need to get over the psychological hump of your recovery, but for now, it hasn't been working. Now as for Alonso and Raikkonen working, that's something to dream (or dread) about.

Refereeing: will it ever be "perfect"?

In any sport, whether it's baseball, football, basketball, or any team sport for that matter, almost all of the time the referees get the blame for bad/missed calls, and even losses. It's an open secret that there are some referees who are "in it", but no one can show hard evidence, hence innocent until proven guilty. Until then, what needs to be done (especially for the Ateneo Blue Eagles) is to re-learn how to play (and win) in spite of the atrocious officiating. 

This ends my Bulalo (Sports) Morsels for now. Feel free to comment below.
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